Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Holiday weekend and my 13 days of vacation are over. Its back to reality for me and back to work I go. I had such a great time for the fourth I got to spend time with family/friends the whole day.

The morning of the fourth I had an amazing breakfast with newly weds Ricardo and Belinda before they left for Miami the next day. We snuck in some quick shopping as well for Belinda to get some last minute items.

 The boys were getting a little restless so we tried to hurry up as fast as a girl can go of course. As always Chicago never fails to have cooler weather in the summer so I had to wear jeans instead of one of my planned outfits but I was still super comfy.

After shopping my boyfriend and I attended an annual barbecue that our friends have every year with tons of delicious food, great music, and lots of Fireworks. Got to spend some quality time with my beautiful niece can you tell she loves the camera. 

Overall I'm sad my vacation is over but I love the time I've spent with my loved ones and hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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Love AshleyAnn

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